St Boniface, Woodgreen

This is one of the trio of more modern buildings. St Boniface Church, Woodgreen nestles between Woodgreen's village hall with its famous murals of village life that date from the 1930's, and its pub, The Horse and Groom.

 St Boniface Church
 Hale Road
 SP6 2AJ

 Whilst Hale is an ancient parish dating from medieval times, Woodgreen combined with Hale as a single parish in 1927. The building that is now St Boniface Church dates from 1914 and was originally a church reading room. In 1949, it was dedicated as a church in its own right with the name of St Boniface and was extended to its present size in 1963.

St Boniface was the son of Devon peasants who became a monk, a missionary to the Germans, and Archbishop of Mainz. He was martyred in 754, and in June 2004 we celebrated in Woodgreen his 1250th anniversary.
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